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As a constitutional law attorney and former attorney in the Office of Secretary of State with election law experience, you can trust me when I say it is A FOOL'S ERRAND. Here is why I say that: RECALL IS NOT a new election. Some seem to think that recall means A NEW ELECTION at half term. No, all it can do is remove the present governor -- to then replace her with the lieutenant governor (whom she chose!) So out goes Laura Kelly, in comes Lynn Rogers. But it gets worse: According to Bryan Caskey, Kansas Elections Director (Office of Secretary of State), changing out the Lt. Gov is so very easy (barely an inconvenience), and so, if the RECALL KELLY move is a success, and the election to recall her scheduled, well then Dems could simply place their next choice for governor in as Lt. Gov and allow the electors to put him or her in office – or keep Kelly!!! A FOOL's ERRAND!!! Now happily, that half-term, kinda-like Democrat Primary is unlikely to happen, because to get a recall of the governor on the ballot an SOS-reviewed petition drive must first take place. How many registered to vote Kansans must sign the petition you ask? Great question, a WHOPPING 422,108! Yes, nearly HALF A MILLION registered Kansas voters! If we DO THE MATH we can recognize this as a fool's errand. It gets worse: How long does the team running the recall have to gather those names? MERELY 90 DAYS! So let us do the math, shall we? A recall Kelly team must get more than 4700 registered Kansas voters to sign the recall petitions EACH AND EVERY DAY for 90 days to make the cut! To put that is some perspective the Recall Kelly Face Book group just recently passed the 5000 mark, so they are slowly, very slowly headed toward enough signers for day 2 of 90. To put things in a larger perspective, every man, woman and child in Wichita could line up in queue to sign that recall petition and, at the clip of 4700 a day, Wichita would be exhausted after 84 days. NOT ENOUGH. The team would still have six days in which to gain the additional signatures. If they then went to Dodge City and got every man, woman and child to sign, they would almost be done. STILL NOT ENOUGH. Maybe at the end everyone from the Recall Kelly FB Group could sign, after getting all of Wichita and all of Dodge City to sign. ENOUGH, maybe! BUT then, when the SOS checked the signatures many would be tossed out (for not being registered voters). And if so many are tossed as to get under the magic number set by statute, that whopping 422108 signers, well then the recall effort, all that time, all that ink and all those tears, IS A TOTAL FAIL. And if not a total fail, then the week before the recall Governor Kelly could name a Lt. Gov of the Dem Party's choice – or George Soros' choice (but I repeat myself) and set the Dems up to run a candidate other than one currently stabled at Cedarcrest. Thus the recall effort, whether successful or unsuccessful, is likely to advance the Democrat Party.

And thus, for all of the above reasons, the RECALL KELLY movement is, at best, a FOOL'S ERRAND. The statute is ridiculous, merely meaningless window dressing, a post-Watergate era invitation passed by Legislature and signed into law by GOP Governor Robert Bennet without a plan for it to ever work – it is rather a plan for those opposed to an elected, statewide executive official to busy themselves rolling a sisyphean rock uphill toward great disappointment. (Caveat: Recall may prove workable on a county level – that is a whole 'nuther analysis for another day.)

Patriots should JUST SAY NO to any Recall Kelly initiatives and instead work hard via voter registration and education to see Governor Kelly defeated in 2022!!!

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